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50 States Apparel loves draping kids in the latest fashion. Nothing is cuter than a child decked up to look their absolute best. This is why we put our hearts into manufacturing high-quality childrenswear. From infant clothing to toddler wear all the way up to fashion for juniors, we specialise in creating custom trends for kids.

50 States Apparel is Your ONE-STOP Fashion Destination for Childrenswear in India.

We’re a Premium…

Baby Clothing Manufacturer

Our factories are specially-equipped to focus on the intricacies of kids’ garment manufacturing, including needle detection, button pull-testing, etc. And our experienced staff are trained in the latest garment manufacturing processes. Whether you’re looking for different cotton fabrics or interested in the latest fashion, you’ll find everything you need on 50 States Apparel, India’s fastest-growing clothing manufacturer company.

Children’s Clothing Manufacturer

Your search for high-quality clothing manufacturers in India ends with 50 States Apparel. We manufacture and export a vast range of children’s garments. And our high-end manufacturing unit is equipped with specialised machinery manned by expert technicians. As a top-quality clothing manufacturer, we create unique fashion trends for kids across different styles and formats, starting with toddlers to adolescents.

CMT Clothing Manufacturer

50 States Apparel is an elite CMT apparel manufacturer, and we guarantee superior fit and finish on every garment. From cutting specific patterns and stitching the necessary trims to frilling the uncut threads, CMT clothing manufacturing delivers seamless results every time. Confirm the first sample before production, and we will take care of the rest. This is CMT clothing manufacturing made easy!

Custom Clothing Manufacturer

Are you looking for clothes that fit your kid better? Your search ends with 50 States Apparel. We’re premium clothing manufacturers offering 100% customisation on every order. Our end-to-end services start with creating a custom apparel design and delivering neatly packed garments to your doorstep anywhere across India. So, get in touch for made-to-order custom apparel solutions today!

Denim Garment Manufacturer

From sourcing raw materials to manufacturing denim garments, 50 States Apparel simplifies the garment manufacturing process. We follow the highest industry standards and use cutting-edge technology to produce trendy and robust denim garments and acid wash clothing. The best engineers and operators run our factories, helping us position the clothing business as a superior garments manufacturing company.

Full Package Production Clothing Manufacturer

From the initial consultation to creating patterns, sourcing fabrics, finalising trims, and producing samples, 50 State Apparel offers an FPP facility, unlike anything you’ve seen before. We help turn your designs into reality while taking care of measurements, terminologies, and technicalities. Our FPP packages give you direct access to the mass market. So, scale your business with 50 States Apparel’s FPP solutions today.

Full-Service Clothing Manufacturer

If you’re searching for good quality clothing manufacturers, look no further than 50 States Apparel. We are a full-service apparel manufacturer and supplier known for sourcing the best raw materials and using precise techniques for a superb finish. Our services include sourcing fibres, developing trims, making and grading patterns, sampling, dyeing, painting, embroidering, finishing, quality control, and delivering goods.

Organic Clothing Manufacturer

50 States Apparel is an organic fashion clothing manufacturer, meaning all our garments are made from 100% organic raw materials like cotton, silk, hemp, bamboo, nettle, wood-based fibres, etc. Our premium kids’ garments are manufactured in a chemical-free environment, using herbal dyes. By embracing our stylish eco-friendly fashion, you experience novelty products and become a trendsetter while saving the environment.

Outsourced Clothing Manufacturer

Are you looking for reliable clothing manufacturer distributors to produce and sell childrenswear based on your designs? 50 States Apparel is just what you need! We have the facilities, equipment, and expertise to turn your vision into reality. So, get in touch with our experts and enjoy the perks of working with an elite clothing manufacturer and distributor.

Private Label Garment Manufacturer

50 States Apparel is India’s fastest-growing private label clothing manufacturer exporter. Our immense expertise in the domestic garments industry helps us stay at the forefront of the kids’ clothing business. We focus on delivering high-quality garments at affordable prices. And you can scale your clothing business with our end-to-end private label manufacturing solutions by getting in touch with our experts today!

Streetwear Manufacturer

50 States Apparel is a leading kids’ streetwear manufacturer and we experiment with the latest fashion trends regularly. We manufacture all types of children’s streetwear and activewear using different fabrics, designs, and techniques. And our garments are renowned for being versatile and affordable. Give your kids the freedom of mobility and self-expression with our range of comfortable streetwear.

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturer

50 States Apparel follows ethical and sustainable practices throughout the product development, manufacturing, and delivery stages. We minimise wastage, recycle raw materials, optimise resource utilisation, and source all consumables locally. Our research and analysis team spends considerable time developing eco-friendly fabrics and a sustainable production process. And our factories are upgraded to reduce CO2 emissions.

Sweatshirt Manufacturer

Are you looking for a fantastic sweatshirt for kids without breaking the bank? 50 States Apparel is the best clothing manufacturer for childrenswear. Check out our fantastic range of sweatshirts, hoodies, and pullovers for kids and place your orders today. We’re a clothing manufacturer small quantity that accepts custom requests with low MOQ and delivers right to your doorstep. So, what are you waiting for? Order now!

Children’s Boutique Clothing Manufacturer

50 States Apparel is one of India’s leading boutique custom clothing manufacturers and suppliers specialising in kids’ garments. We use the best quality fabrics, cutting-edge production techniques, and an elaborate delivery network to bring you the latest in kid’s fashion. We help parents find the trendiest apparel for their young ones under one roof. And all our garments are proudly made in India.

Wholesale Children’s Clothing Manufacturer

If you’re looking for the top garment manufacturers in India for wholesale children’s clothes, your search ends at 50 States Apparel. We’re one of the top 10 garment export house in India, and we accept bulk orders for low MOQ. We work with some of the top apparel clothing brands in the kids’ apparel industry and have the necessary infrastructure to meet your wholesale demands. Get in touch and place your orders today.

Smocked Garments Manufacturer

50 States Apparel is one of the top apparel manufacturers in India, and we specialise in crafting smocked garments. We produce high-quality smocked childrenswear using the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment without blowing a hole in your pocket. And our expert artisans are well-versed in modern and traditional manufacturing techniques to create a wide range of custom apparel designs according to your specifications.

The Best Independent Clothing Manufacturer for Childrenswear in India

50 States Apparel promotes local businesses and emerging clothing brands by accepting low MOQ orders. We are an independent clothing manufacturer offering a long list of associated services to help kids wear start-ups and established brands expand their business.

We accept small batch orders to help turn your dreams into reality. Have a design in mind? Talk to our experts today to learn how to turn your ideas into a flourishing business.

From kid’s leisurewear to daily wear, 50 States Apparel makes clothing manufacturing seamless and cost-effective. Leverage our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, local supply chain, and widespread marketing network to grow your brand.

Partner with one of the top garments company in India today!

We Consult, Design, Manufacture, and Deliver

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, we can help bring your ideas to life. Talk to an expert today!

You Dream it, We Make it!

Do you have an idea you wish to pursue? Our team will guide you through every step of the way. Talk to our experts and bring your imaginations to life. We’ll help envision, design, and develop the product.

That’s not all!

We evaluate all details, from sourcing the finest materials and providing hardware to technical support, embellishments, etc. So, stop waiting on your ideas and get in touch now!


Have an interesting design in mind? Collaborate with our team and bring your ideas to life.


We work closely with local weavers, raw material suppliers, hardware manufacturers, and mills, effectively controlling the entire supply chain.


Our dedicated manufacturing units in India are capable of mass-producing children’s garments in the shortest time.

Are You Looking to Bring a Change?

If you’re tired of a fast-fashion industry like us and want to bring a change with ethical clothing, join us. Our garments are manufactured by workers who receive fair wages, work in a controlled environment protected by cutting-edge safety measures, and have access to healthcare facilities.

50 States Apparel believes in sustainable business practices and fair labour. Our mission is to provide brands with high-quality childrenswear manufactured with ethical labour and locally-sourced materials. And we want to revolutionise the kids’ fashion industry in India one step at a time.

Our Philosophy


We believe in paying our workers a fair wage and only work with local vendors that do the same. We collaborate with non-profits to promote ethical treatment of labours and discourage exploitation at every industry level.


We promote environmental sustainability throughout the manufacturing process, from sourcing raw materials to the production process and delivery. We minimise our carbon footprint by dealing with local vendors and cutting emissions as much as possible.


We work closely with non-profits and like-minded clothing sample manufacturers to end labour exploitation and reduce the environmental impact of the kids’ wear industry. Join us in our effort to spread the message.


What are clothing manufacturers?

Quality clothing manufacturers like 50 States Apparel produce high-quality garments. We work closely with designers, suppliers, and brands to envision, source, manufacture, and distribute garments across the market. 50 States Apparel is a reputed clothing manufacturer for brands.

Where to find clothing manufacturers in India?

Some of the world’s largest clothing manufacturers are located in India, and 50 States Apparel is the perfect example. We’re an easy clothing manufacturer specialising in kids’ wear. So, if you’re a childrenswear start-up or an established brand searching for the best clothing manufacturer company near me, talk to us today!

How do clothing manufacturers work?

Clothing manufacturing is an elaborate process involving several stages like cutting, sewing, and finishing. The entire process is divided into sections based on work methods, equipment used, and workers’ skills. And the two most popular clothing manufacturers and their types are CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) and FPP (Full Production Package).

How to get a clothing manufacturer?

If you’re wondering, “how do you find a clothing manufacturer?” here’s a simple guide to working with clothing manufacturers (bonus tips). Start with researching the top garment companies in India. You can do it the old-fashioned way by visiting your local wholesale market and asking around, or run a Google search for the “top 5 textile companies in India.”

What is the best clothing manufacturer?

The largest clothing manufacturers in the world follow several best practices. Keep these factors in mind while finding the top garment manufacturing companies in India.

  • You must have creative liberty to manufacture the type of kids’ wear you want.
  • You must get the benefits of low MOQ.
  • You must have control over marketing.

How to find the best clothing manufacturer?

50 States Apparel gives you complete liberty to bring your creative ideas to life. Our experts work with you every step of the way, assisting you with sourcing, manufacturing, and selling the products. We are one of the top garment exporters in India and for a good reason!

Where are the cheapest clothing manufacturers?

India is one of the largest garment exporter in the world. And you’ll find some of the cheapest clothing manufacturers here. There are several reasons behind this. We have the finest raw materials, expert artisans, state-of-the-art factories, an elaborate sales network, and laws promoting products made in India. If you’re looking for reliable clothing manufacturer suppliers in India, your search ends with 50 States Apparel.

What do clothing manufacturers need?

The best quality clothing manufacturers rely on sourcing the finest raw materials, skilled labour, and cutting-edge infrastructure to produce high-quality goods. At 50 States Apparel, we have all three and more, making us the best fit for childrenswear start-ups and established brands. If you’re looking for a manufacturer for clothing brand, look no further than 50 States Apparel.

What’s a good streetwear clothing manufacturer to go for?

50 States Apparel is one of the top 10 readymade garments manufacturers in India, and we specialise in producing kid’s streetwear. Whether you’re looking for the trendiest outfits for your kids or casual or comfortable wear, we have exactly what you need. So, talk to us today and experience the perks of working with the no 1 garment exporter in India.