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Looking for a reliable and affordable custom streetwear manufacturer for your kids’ fashion label? 50 States Apparel is India’s most popular custom streetwear clothing manufacturers. We work with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. From everyday garments for toddlers to comfort wear for teens, we create a wide range of clothes for children of all ages.

We are a full-package production company specialising in private label clothing manufacturing. And we accept small value, low MOQ, and bulk orders. Having worked with established and emerging fashion brands for over a decade, we know your daily challenges. And our production packages are designed keeping those pain points in mind.

50 States Apparel works with the world’s top vendors and suppliers. And we can find the best deals on exactly what you need. From organic raw materials to unique trims and embellishments, we can source the best materials for your order. Simply share your requirements, and let us handle the rest.

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Perks of Working With 50 States Apparel

50 States Apparel is an all-in-one custom clothing manufacturer. And we handle the entire production process in-house, so you don’t lose sleep working with multiple clothing manufacturers. Here’s how we streamline clothing private label manufacturing, so you can focus on growing your business.

Consultation and Designing

Share your ideas with our experienced fashion designers and watch them bring your designs to life. Our veteran designers can create all types of custom streetwear based on your instructions. Our veteran staff can do everything from optimising your plans to helping you conceive new ideas.

Sourcing Materials

Finding suitable materials for the job is crucial since the product is only as good as the raw materials used. We work with some of the world’s top wholesalers and suppliers and find the best deals for you to choose from. If you want to use specific materials on an upcoming project, we can help you source them at the best price.

Trim Development

Trims and embellishments are a vital part of every design. And we can source the perfect trim for your order at competitive prices. Have a custom design in mind? Our experienced workforce can develop trims per your specifications. Share your ideas with our production team and watch them create bespoke embellishments from scratch.

Fabric Dyeing

50 States Apparel uses various natural and artificial dyes during manufacturing. If you have a specific shade in mind, please share them with us. We can access every colour under the sun and find the exact palette you want down to the tone. Please consult our fashion designers before creating the tech pack, and we will help you find the right palette.

Fabric Printing

50 States Apparel excels at all types of fabric printing, from digital to manual techniques, including screen printing, dye sublimation, transfer printing, pigment printing and more. Not sure which process is best suited to your project? Our dedicated production managers can help you make informed decisions. Get in touch today!

Pattern Making and Grading

50 States Apparel specialises in pattern making and grading, and our experienced fashion designers can create stunning designs from scratch. Share your vision with the team, and we will develop blueprints from your ideas. Once you are happy with the designs, we will ensure the best fit across the size chart for maximum comfort.

Sampling and Prototyping

50 States Apparel produces samples before final production to ensure the finished products are as requested. Before greenlighting bulk production, verify the materials, designs, fit, and finish. If you want changes, this is the time for it. We can accommodate minor corrections on the same day. However, any significant alternations might take a while.

Bulk Production

50 States Apparel manufactures the complete order from scratch under one roof, so you don’t have to run from pillar to post in search of updates. On average, final production takes five to eight weeks, depending on raw material availability and overall design complexity. Our dedicated production managers will keep you informed throughout the journey.

Quality Control

Every garment manufactured at 50 States Apparel is passed through stringent quality control tests before being packed. Nothing escapes the keen eyes of our veteran Quality Analysts, who quickly weed out production defects. Rejected garments are collected in a pile and distributed among the less fortunate.

24/7 Support

50 States Apparel has a dedicated customer support unit to address your concerns and answer questions that aren’t a part of the FAQs. If you have queries, please reach out to our customer helpdesk for assistance, and we will revert at the earliest. Please contact your assigned production manager if you need help with an ongoing order.

Partner with the Best Private Label Streetwear Manufacturer

50 States Apparel is India’s most trusted all-in-one kids’ streetwear manufacturer. You just keep the designs handy while we take care of the rest. As a full-package production factory, our state-of-the-art facilities have cutting-edge machines manned by trained operators. And our veteran workers pay close attention to the garments through every production stage.

From sourcing materials to designing and prototyping, finishing, packaging, and dispatching, our team stays by your side throughout the journey. And we provide end-to-end streetwear manufacturing services tailored to your requirements. Our team works as an extension of your business, ensuring a rewarding experience. And we are committed to helping you grow your custom clothing label.

Here’s How We Help Expand Your Business

50 States Apparel makes custom streetwear manufacturing accessible and affordable. Here’s how we help grow your business.

One-Stop Shop

From designing and sourcing raw materials to sampling, manufacturing, finishing, and delivery, we take care of the entire process under one roof. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to streamline the production process as a whole, saving precious resources that you can reinvest into the business.

Lower Inventory Risk

50 States Apparel accepts small value low MOQ starting at just ten pieces per design. We have several flexible payment plans to help lower your inventory risk. Place an order for a small batch and get your products delivered when you need them. This way, you get time to analyse what’s working for your brand without tying up too many resources.

High-Quality Guaranteed

50 States Apparel delivers the finest quality products every time. We take immense pride in our creations and leave no stone unturned to maintain the standards. Our partners and workers share our passion for quality and are a crucial cog in the wheel. And our goal is to deliver the highest quality products our clients have come to expect over the years.

Creative Freedom

Share your vision with our fashion designers and watch them bring your ideas to life. We take care of the entire production process, keeping you in the loop. Nothing goes into production without your explicit approval. So, you can stop worrying about the manufacturing process and concentrate on growing your business.

Dedicated Support

The 50 States Apparel team works as an extension of your company to better understand your requirements and deliver results to your specifications. We are with you throughout the production journey. So, if you have queries, feel free to get in touch, and our production managers will gladly assist you.

Leverage Success

50 States Apparel manufactures low MOQ and bulk orders with equal efficiency. Our flexible payment plans provide greater discounts on bulk orders, lowering your cost of acquisition. You can now leverage success as your business grows to retain bigger profit margins per unit. Talk to us today and learn how you can help us grow your business.

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