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50 States Apparel is India’s top outsourced clothing manufacturer, and we specialise in all types of kids’ garments. Whether you are an established fashion brand or a kids’ clothing startup looking to outsource clothing manufacturing, we are the right fit. The 50 States Apparel team are the masters of high-quality garment manufacturing, and we produce the best private label garments for kids without compromising quality.

50 States Apparel offers full-service garment manufacturing at our state-of-the-art production facility. And our full-package production unit delivers the best quality garments without breaking the bank. From sourcing the best raw materials for your order to helping you design the dream collection, our dedicated production managers assist you through every manufacturing stage.

Our flexible manufacturing facility lets us manufacture small value, low MOQ, and bulk orders effortlessly under one roof. And we serve established and emerging fashion brands with equal fervour. 50 States Apparel promises the best quality garments, produced at a reasonable TAT, at affordable prices. And our unwavering commitment to clients has made us a household name among startups and SMEs.

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Why 50 States Apparel is the Right Garment Manufacturer for You?

When outsourcing clothing manufacturing, it pays to work with the best in the business. Here are the top reasons 50 States Apparel is the ideal garment manufacturing partner for your kids’ clothing brand.

Best-Quality Guaranteed

50 States Apparel is a premium clothing manufacturer, and we deliver the highest-quality garments you have come to expect from us. We work with some of the world’s top vendors and suppliers to procure the best-grade raw materials since we believe the product is only as good as the materials used. Hence, we go out of our way to procure them.


Having worked with fashion startups and SMEs for over a decade, we sympathise with your pain points. Hence, our production packages are exclusively designed to help you maximise resource utilisation and eliminate oversupply and overstocking. We accept small value low MOQ starting at just ten pieces per design. Get in touch to get your order manufactured.

Flexible Production Capacity

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped to handle low MOQ and bulk orders with equal efficiency. If you want bulk quantities manufactured within a strict deadline, we can get the backup production line operational within a week. Consult our experts today to learn how you can help us grow your business.

Low Lead Time

50 States Apparel takes two to three weeks to create and deliver samples for you to review. Once approved, final production takes between five and eight weeks, depending on the ease of sourcing raw materials and the complexity of your designs. For details, please reach out via phone, text, or email, and our dedicated production managers will respond at the earliest.


50 States Apparel specialises in manufacturing all types of kids’ garments. From casual and formal shirts, trousers, dresses, and jackets to the trendiest summer and winter wear collection, we make it all. Our garments are ideal for kids of all ages, from toddlers and pre-schoolers to tweens and adolescents. Please schedule an appointment for more details.

Factory Type

We are a full-service production facility manufacturing your complete order from scratch under one roof. Our state-of-the-art production unit handles everything from designing to sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and dispatch. And our experienced workforce streamlines the complete process without a hitch.

Why Choose Our Garment Production Package?

50 States Apparel offers several production packages catering to different businesses. And our veteran designers and production specialists guide you through the production process from start to finish. Whether you own a successful clothing brand or are new to the fashion industry, we can help you produce the best kids’ clothes.

From concept and designing to creating tech packs and cut sheets, sampling and prototyping, manufacturing, finishing, labelling, and doorstep delivery, we can do it all. We are the best affordable clothing manufacturers near you and accept both bulk and low MOQ production. So, even if you are working with a tight budget, we have the right production package for you.

Share your visions, expectations, and requirements with our experts over tea, and let’s start building your dream fashion line. Please schedule an appointment today to learn how you can help us scale your business.

Start A Custom Clothing Line with 50 States Apparel

Starting your custom clothing line with 50 States Apparel is simple. Here’s a quick view of our garment manufacturing process in four easy steps.

Concept and Design

Share your vision with our veteran fashion designers and watch them bring your ideas to life. You can send samples, pictures, cut-outs, or sketches of your design, and we will revert at the earliest. Once you are happy with our blueprint, we will move forward with the production. It’s that simple!

Samples and Prototypes

Once you are happy with the design, we will develop samples for you to analyse. Test the fabric, trims, and materials before giving the final nod. If you want changes, this is the time for it. Talk to our fashion designers about altering the design, tech pack, and cut sheet and repeat the process.

Final Production

Production begins when you are happy with the samples. It takes between five and eight weeks to manufacture your order based on raw material availability and the complexity of your designs. Please be available over the phone as we might need your approval for last-minute changes to the design.

Doorstep Delivery

Once the garments are ready, it’s time for quality control and finishing. Our veteran workforce cuts and finishes each garment before proceeding with labelling and packaging. Once the order is ready for dispatch, our delivery partner loads up the goods and delivers them to your doorstep.

India’s Best Outsourced Clothing Manufacturer for Startups and SMEs

Working with the best in the business has its perks! Here’s what 50 States Apparel brings to the table.

Best Factory Alliances

50 States Apparel works with some of the world’s top vendors and wholesalers. And we can source all types of materials you need to bring your designs to life. From the most delicate fabrics, dyes and trims to eco-friendly labels and packaging materials, we can procure everything you need at competitive prices.

All-in-One Production Facility

We are a full-package production facility offering the complete services suite from concept and designing to doorstep delivery. Our proficient workforce finishes your order from scratch under one roof, so you don’t have to run from pillar to post looking for individual production specialists to help you complete the project.

Experienced Workforce

Our veteran staff have been a part of the fashion industry for decades and are well-versed in traditional and modern production techniques. From fabric printing to embroidery, dyeing, washing, finishing, etc., our experienced workforce does it all. Have a quirky idea in mind? Our dedicated production managers can help bring your ideas to life.

24/7 Support

Can’t find the answers to your queries on the FAQ page? Talk to our customer care team. 50 States Apparel has a dedicated team of support staff to address your concerns and answer all your questions. Want daily updates on your order status? Our dedicated production managers keep you informed through every production stage, so you don’t lose sleep.

Don’t Settle for Anything but the Best!

50 States Apparel excels at simplifying complexities associated with private label clothing manufacturers. Our client-centric solutions ease your life, so you can focus on growing your business instead of production woes. Here’s how we can help expand your business.

  • Our state-of-the-art production facility manufactures all types of kids’ clothes.
  • We pay attention to all your individual needs for the best results.
  • Work with our production managers to optimise resource utilisation.
  • Choose the best deals from the top global vendors and suppliers list.
  • Our veteran workforce excels at all contemporary and modern production techniques.
  • Be a part of our mission to promote fair and ethical production.

Get in touch today to explore the possibilities of working together!


What is Your MOQ?

50 States Apparel accepts small value low MOQ starting at just ten pieces per design. However, the numbers may change for custom orders depending on the materials used and your designs’ complexity. Please share your requirements with our dedicated production managers for more details.

What is Your Average Lead Time?

Sampling and prototyping take two to three weeks, while production can take between five to eight weeks, depending on raw material availability and other factors. For more details, please schedule an appointment, and we will revert at the earliest.

Can You Help Design My Order?

50 States Apparel is a full-package production unit, and we can help you through every production stage. From designing your order to creating tech packs and cut sheets, and sourcing materials to finalising trims and embellishments, our veteran fashion designers can help optimise your designs for maximum resource utilisation.

What Type of Clothes Can You Manufacture?

50 States Apparel is a dedicated kids’ garment manufacturer, and we specialise in all types of kids’ clothing. From onesies and comfortable sleepwear for toddlers to daily fashion wear for teens, we do it all. Please share your requirements with our fashion designers for a custom quote.