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A Trusted Mass Production Fashion Expert Near You

Launching a fashion line is hard work. Let the experts help turn your dreams into reality.

50 States Apparel is India’s most trusted mass production fashion expert, and we manufacture all types of kids’ garments. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and trained workforce form the backbone of our operations. And we are fully equipped to handle all your apparel production requirements under one roof.

From design and consultation to sample production, bulk manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and delivery, our proficient production managers oversee the entire process for seamless operations. As a fast fashion expert, 50 States Apparel accepts customisation and private label production requests. And we manufacture bespoke garments to your exact specifications.

We have been a part of the fast fashion industry for over a decade, and our veteran workforce is adept at traditional and contemporary manufacturing techniques. Starting with manual and digital embroidery to all types of fabric printing, smocking, beading, fabric washing, cutting, stitching, and finishing techniques, the 50 States Apparel team does it all effortlessly.

Looking for a mass production fashion expert? Your search ends at 50 States Apparel. Consult our fashion experts and learn how we can help grow your business today!

How 50 States Apparel Can Help with Mass Production

Finding the best mass production clothing companies near you is a struggle. 50 States Apparel makes your life easier by offering a complete services suite under one roof. We are a full-service production company offering a wide range of apparel production solutions from designing and sampling to doorstep delivery.

Our flexible manufacturing units allow us to scale up operations within a week. This helps us stick to the initial delivery schedule while mass producing your order. Our proficient Quality Control Analysts keep a close eye on every garment throughout the production stages, eliminating manufacturing defects and other shortcomings to ensure the highest quality standards that our clients have come to expect from us.

Why 50 States Apparel is the Right Mass Production Partner for You

Here are the key points why 50 States Apparel is your ideal mass production fashion expert.


100% Quality Assurance

50 States Apparel follows the highest quality standards throughout every stage of the manufacturing journey. Nothing escapes the keen eyes of our proficient Quality Control Analysts. Every garment we manufacture must meet our stringent quality standards before being packed and dispatched.

Flexible Production Capacity

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped to handle bulk production at a moment’s notice. Share your requirements with our production managers, and if your order value exceeds our current production capacity, we can get our backup unit up and running within a week.



Low Lead Time

It takes roughly two to three weeks to prepare samples for your approval. Once you give us the go-ahead, production takes five to eight weeks. The timeline changes depending on raw material availability and the complexity of your designs. Please share your requirements with our production managers for a tentative time frame.


Full-Service Factory

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility undertakes the entire production. From consultation and design to creating tech packs and cut sheets, material sourcing, sampling and prototyping, bulk production, cutting, stitching and finishing, packaging, and dispatching, we handle the complete process from under one roof. 



50 States Apparel specialises in manufacturing all types of children’s clothing. We can create everything from casual and formal wear to summer and winter wear. Have a custom design in mind? Talk to our experienced fashion designers and watch them bring your ideas to life. Get in touch today for a custom quote.


Doorstep Delivery

50 States Apparel partners with some of the top global shipping agencies and transit companies that share our vision of delivering goods to your doorstep on time. Our delivery partners take extreme precautions to avoid delays. Once your order is dispatched, our team will keep you posted with regular updates.

How to Begin Your Mass Production Journey at 50 States Apparel

As a leader in the fast fashion industry, 50 States Apparel follows a streamlined apparel production process. Here’s how your production journey begins with us. 

Concept Development

We need a rough sketch of your ideas to create the blueprints for your clothing line. You can share drawings, digital images, or reference products, and our fashion designers can take it from there. Be as specific as you want during this stage to help us better understand your expectations.

Mass Production

Once you are happy with the final samples, it’s time to move on with mass production. We manufacture your order from start to finish at our in-house facility. Our dedicated production managers are on standby throughout the process, ensuring seamless production. Once the garments are ready, it’s time to move on to packaging.

Create Tech Packs

Once we have the blueprint of your designs ready, it’s time to create tech packs. This process documents the specifics of your designs, including the materials to use, dimensions, trims, designs, and embellishments. Tech packs convey your instructions to the production team so that the garments meet your expectations.

Quality Control

But first, every garment must pass stringent quality control tests to meet our delivery standards. The products that don’t qualify are sent to the discard pile. These clothes are distributed free of cost to the less privileged at the end of the production cycle as part of our community services initiative.

Samples and Prototypes

Before mass production begins, it’s crucial to create samples ensuring the final product meets your expectations. Ask us for a free fabric swatch to help you shortlist the right materials. If you want to incorporate changes, this is the time for it. Once you give us the go-ahead, it’s time for mass production.


Doorstep Delivery

Once your order is prepped, it’s time for dispatch. Our proficient delivery partners pick up your consignment and deliver them to your doorstep. The timeline depends on several factors, like your location and preferred shipping method. While we strive to ship your products on time, unprecedented factors might affect the timeline.

Let’s Work Together!

50 States Apparel is one of the most affordable clothing manufacturers in the fast fashion industry. And our clothes guarantee 100% satisfaction. Since we work closely with you through every production stage, we follow your instructions precisely while manufacturing your order from scratch.

Get in touch today and help us get your clothing business off the ground!

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