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50 States Apparel is India’s most trusted full-service clothing manufacturer. From designing and sourcing to production and delivery, we handle the entire process so you can rest easy.

Looking for reliable full-service clothing manufacturers for your children’s wear brand? 50 States Apparel is one of India’s most trusted clothing manufacturers and wholesale vendors for kids’ garments. We work with some of the world’s top suppliers to secure the highest-quality materials for your orders and use cutting-edge technology to deliver the finest products you have come to expect from us.

We specialise in all types of custom children’s clothing manufacturing. From daily wear, casual wear, and summer wear to formals, winter wear, trendy outfits and more, we produce all types of high-quality kids’ wear for toddlers, pre-schoolers, tweens, and adolescents. We have been a part of the fashion industry for over a decade, and our veteran workforce is the backbone of our operations.

From concept to collection, the team of expert fashion designers, weavers, machine operators, and production specialists work in unison to create your custom orders from scratch. We use a fine blend of traditional and modern apparel manufacturing methods to produce high-quality kids’ clothes that are affordable and withstand the test of time. Get in touch with us today and enjoy the perks of working with the best in the business.

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The Perks of Working with a Full-Service Clothing Manufacturer

50 States Apparel covers all your clothing production needs under one roof. The days of losing sleep coordinating with multiple clothing manufacturers suppliers are now over. Here’s how our full-service clothing factory can help you save money and time.


Sourcing Raw Materials

Finding the right materials for your order is the most crucial step for clothing production since a product is only as good as the raw materials used. 50 States Apparel works with some of the most reputed vendors and suppliers from around the globe, sourcing the finest raw materials at competitive prices. Verify and compare multiple offers before selecting the best deal, and we will work with your preferred vendor.


Developing Trims

Trims and embellishments are a crucial part of every garment. From threads and buttons to beads, lining, patches, motifs, and zippers, 50 States Apparel sources and develops bespoke trims for custom orders. Our workers develop trims according to your tastes at our state-of-the-art clothing manufacturing facility. Share your ideas with our fashion designers, and they will handle the rest.


Pattern Making

The team at 50 States Apparel specialises in pattern-making techniques. Our experienced fashion designers create the perfect designs from scratch on paper and use the template for grading and sizing. Share your ideas with our team and watch them bring your creativity alive. Our expert designers are well versed in manual and digital patterns. And we use the appropriate technique based on the task at hand.


Pattern Grading

Do you have the basic measurements for your order at hand? Share the details with our experienced fashion designers, who will scale the dimensions according to the size chart. The 50 States Apparel team can also grade patterns from renders and samples and take live measurements. We customise designs for the best fit. But you must verify the samples to begin the final production.


Sample Production

50 States Apparel understands the importance of sample production. And we have a dedicated sampling and prototyping team overlooking the task. Once you approve the designs, our team gets to work. Please check the fabric, trim, design, fit, finish, and label before giving the final nod. Our in-house designers can accommodate minor changes within the same day. However, more significant alterations may take a while.


Fabric Dyeing

50 States Apparel offers a wide range of colours for you to choose from. Have a specific shade in mind? Share your ideas with our dedicated production managers, who will gladly make the arrangements. We can source dyes of every colour under the sun. Consult our fashion designers before creating the tech pack, and they will help you choose the best shades. Get in touch today for more information.


Fabric Printing

From manual to digital printing, 50 States Apparel specialises in all types of fabric printing techniques. Our experienced artisans are proficient in stamp printing, transfer printing, screen printing, dye sublimation, pigment printing, reactive printing, etc. Not sure which method is the best for you? Send us your designs, and we will help you select the best printing technique for the job.



50 States Apparel specialises in all types of needlework. From manual to computer embroidery, our professional embroiders have decades of experience in the fashion industry and are adept at traditional and modern embroidery techniques. We offer a wide range of classic and contemporary designs for you to pick from, and we can create custom designs too. Talk to our fashion experts today for details.

Custom Embellishments

Does your design include custom embroidery and embellishments? 50 States Apparel creates all types of custom designs like smocking or sequins, beads and crystal work. We use a combination of traditional methods and modern technology to create high-quality designs that you desire. Our proficient artisans have decades of experience building custom designs and embellishments and can work their magic for you.

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Fabric Cutting

50 States Apparel uses state-of-the-art machinery for precision cutting. Our trained machine operators minimise wastage using fine cutting techniques, optimising resource utilisation and bringing down the overall cost of production. We work with numerous fabrics, designs, and patterns to make all types of kids’ clothes, from daily, summer, and activewear to formal, winter, and fashion wear.

Stitching Techniques

50 States Apparel uses modern stitching techniques for the perfect fit. We use cutting-edge machines and skilled labour to manufacture high-quality kids’ clothes within tight deadlines. From zigzag stitch, buttonholes, and blind hem stitch to bias tape, turn and stitch, hand overcast, pinked seams, and top stitch, our experienced artisans are adept at several popular stitching techniques.


Denim Wash

50 States Apparel manufactures all types of denim garments for kids. From shirts and shorts to jackets, jeans, skirts, etc., we create a wide range of kids’ denim garments. Washing is an integral part of the process, and our experienced workforce uses various denim washing techniques to deliver the desired effects. Whether you prefer using 3.25 Oz or 5.5 Oz denim fabrics, we work according to your specifications.


We take exceptional care to deliver the perfect finish that you desire. The clothes are individually checked for manufacturing defects before the excess threads are removed and the garment is pressed. In case of manufacturing defects, 50 States Apparel either remedies the problem or creates fresh products from scratch at no extra cost. We distribute the rejected garments among the needy as part of our community outreach program.


Quality Control

The expert Quality Analysts at 50 States Apparel are in charge of keeping an eye out for defects throughout every stage of the production journey. From sourcing raw materials to creating samples, and final production, our team oversee the entire journey. Nothing escapes the keen eyes of our proficient QA team, who weed out imperfections to deliver the finest products every time.

Packaging and Delivery

Once the clothes are checked and labelled, its’ time for packaging and delivery. We use generic clear bags for standard orders or custom packages if you prefer. 50 States Apparel is one of India’s top private label clothing manufacturers, and we create custom packages for your brand. Our production team creates labels and packages per your instructions before handing them to our shipping and logistics partners.


Let’s Work Together!

50 States Apparel is India’s leading custom clothing manufacturer for kids’ fashion brands. Get in touch today to learn how we can add value to your brand by producing high-quality childrenswear at affordable prices.

We are a low minimum clothing manufacturer dedicated to helping fashion startups and SMEs expand their business. And we have worked with several top fashion houses over the years. Talk to our experts today and discover how we can help you grow.

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