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Create Your Signature Denim Label for Kids

50 States Apparel is the home of high-quality denim garments for kids. Talk to our experts to build a custom clothing line today.

50 States Apparel is one of the best denim garment manufacturers in India. We have worked with several of the country’s top designers, wholesalers, and retailers for the better part of the last decade. Our passion for chasing excellence has established 50 States Apparel as a premium manufacturer for denim childrenswear across the kids’ wear market. And we are constantly adopting newer technology to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the fashion industry.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and trained workforce come together to offer clients a world-class experience. Our dedicated production managers remain by your side throughout the production journey. From designing and sampling to production and delivery, 50 States Apparel offers a complete services suite under one roof.

50 States Apparel works with the top global vendors and suppliers, sourcing high-quality raw materials for the job. Compare and pick the best deal from competing offers, and we will work with your preferred vendor. Have a unique design in mind? Our experienced fashion designers can help bring your ideas to life. Consult our experts today and help us get your business off the ground.

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Why Partner with 50 States Apparel?

50 States Apparel employs the best of modern engineering, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and a dedicated team of designers, artisans, and technicians to deliver the best quality denim garments for kids every time.

Our expert quality control analysts keep an eye on the products through every stage of the manufacturing journey. And our transit partners ensure on-time delivery to help you fulfil existing commitments.


Sourcing Superior Denim Fabric

Sourcing high-quality denim fabric is crucial for ensuring the best fit and utmost comfort at the end of the day. 50 States Apparel works with some of the world’s top raw material suppliers to procure the best denim fabrics that will outlast the test of time.


Pattern Making and Grading

50 States Apparel manufactures all types of denim garments for kids. From jeans and shorts to jackets, shirts, etc., we produce a long list of clothes according to your specifications. From creating unique patterns to specifying the size chart, our veteran designers do it all.


Denim Wash

50 States Apparel offers a wide range of finishing options to ensure the final product is snug and comfortable. Our designers and wash experts use several techniques to turn standard blue denim into amazing garments.


Seamless Production

The expert staff at 50 States Apparel can mass produce your orders within tight deadlines without affecting the quality. We streamline the production journey using tech packs for optimal communication between the designers and technicians.


The Best Kids’ Denim Wear Manufacturer for Startups and SMEs

The demand for kids’ denimwear increased significantly in the past decade. 50 States Apparel offers a long list of denim garment manufacturing techniques to address your production needs under one roof.

Having worked with fashion startups and SMEs for over a decade, we understand your unique requirements. We accept small value low MOQ starting at ten pieces per design to help you analyse what is working for your brand while preserving resources.

50 States Apparel offers flexible payment plans, allowing you to leverage success as your business grows. Enjoy a lower cost of production per unit while earning higher profit margins when placing bulk orders.

The Perks of Working with 50 States Apparel

Affordable and Approachable

50 States Apparel simplifies garment manufacturing by connecting you with the top vendors and suppliers, providing world-class manufacturing facilities, and offering doorstep delivery irrespective of location. Share your ideas with our dedicated designers, and we will guide you through the production funnel. 50 States Apparel specialises in manufacturing high-quality, affordable childrenswear that exceeds your expectations.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

50 States Apparel has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility overseeing the production process from start to finish. From sourcing raw materials to pattern making and grading to mass production and quality analysis, we offer the complete services suite under one roof. This helps us ensure quality and improve efficiency in the long run by monitoring the production process in real-time.

Professional and Ethical Service

The 50 States Apparel team has been a part of the fashion industry for the better part of the last decade. We have the necessary experience to guide you through the production journey. From suggesting design changes to optimising resource utilisation, our dedicated production team can help you achieve the desired results. Schedule an appointment and share your ideas with an expert today. 

Doorstep Delivery

50 States Apparel works with a dedicated network of transport providers and shipping agents. We are committed to delivering the products to your doorstep on time, so you never run out of stock, especially during the peak seasons. We have the necessary infrastructure to support large-scale deliveries globally, and our shipping partners ensure minimal transit delays to the best of their abilities.

The Hub of Private Label Denim Wear Manufacturing

50 States Apparel specialises in manufacturing custom denim garments for kids. We work with wholesale brands, retailers, boutiques, startups, and white label companies looking to launch their signature kids’ denim wear label.

Starting from designing and sourcing raw materials to creating samples, bulk production, and doorstep delivery, we simplify your manufacturing journey by streamlining the process. Creating your dream clothing line is so much simpler with 50 States Apparel. Get in touch today for more information.

A Trusted Denimwear Manufacturer Near You

50 States Apparel has served hundreds of happy customers over the years, and we can replicate the success story for your brand. Get in touch with us today to enjoy the benefits of working with a world-class manufacturer.

High-Quality Denim Wear

50 States Apparel works with several reputable mills, ensuring a constant supply of high-quality denim products matching your requirements for consistency, performance, quality, colour, and budget. We design and manufacture custom fashion lines according to your needs. Have a custom design in mind? Get in touch and help us bring your ideas to life.

Custom Hardware

The highest quality denimwear features robust buttons, heavy-duty seams, and reinforced joints. 50 States Apparel uses the best quality hardware to ensure the garments survive everyday abuse. We can also add your brand name and logos using several debossing, embossing, and embroidery techniques. Schedule an appointment to learn more.

Latest Washing Techniques

While the fabric is responsible for the ultimate fit, the aesthetics depend on your preferred washing technique. 50 States Apparel offers a wide range of washing options like acid, rinse, and stone, to name a few. We also provide experimental washing techniques depending on your specifications. Talk to our experts today for more information.

Bespoke Distressing Options

50 States Apparel offers several distressing options to create the perfect custom look you desire. Going for a pre-worn look? Our expert production team can create the exact amount of distress you want. Distressed denim is quite popular in the ever-changing world of kids’ fashion. Launch your signature kids’ label with 50 States Apparel today.

Simplified Private Label Clothing

Looking for an affordable private label denim manufacturer offering small value, low MOQ, and willing to work within tight deadlines? Your search ends here. 50 States Apparel caters to SMEs and kids’ fashion startups seeking flexible denim garment manufacturers in India.

From cut and sew manufacturing to full package clothing production, 50 States Apparel provides a wide range of services catering to your unique needs. Our services include wholesale fabric sourcing, designing, sample making, trim development, pattern grading, and doorstep delivery.

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