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Need a high-quality clothing manufacturing service? 50 States Apparel is at your service.

50 States Apparel is a one-stop shop for manufacturing all types of kids’ garments. We are a professional cut, make, trim (CMT) manufacturer, and our state-of-the-art factories and skilled workers can turn your designs into reality within tight deadlines.

Have a specific design in mind? Our experienced fashion designers will help turn your ideas into reality while suggesting the best fit and finish while optimising resource utilisation. We make all kinds of kids’ garments, from daily wear, casual wear, and formal wear to summer wear, winter wear, etc. And our portfolio is ever-growing.

50 States Apparel provides consistent, high-quality CMT services from start to finish, and we offer bespoke packages designed to meet your unique requirements. Stop losing sleep working with multiple clothing manufacturers for your kids’ wear brand. Contact 50 States Apparel to streamline the production process.

What is CMT Manufacturing and Why You Should Care

CMT or Cut, Make, Trim is a manufacturing process used in the apparel industry. Garment manufacturers offer CMT services to clients that want to retain control over several aspects during production like the choice of fabric, colours, designs, patterns, etc.

While CMT manufacturers offer packaging and storage facilities, you are responsible for several critical factors affecting the manufacturing process. For instance, while 50 States Apparel assists you in finding the best fabrics, trims, and embellishments for your order, finalising the designs, and creating a tech pack, your decision is final.

Work with our team to pick suitable fabrics, patterns, designs, trims, etc., and our expert technicians will manufacture the garments according to your instructions. CMT manufacturing is ideal for childrenswear startups and fashion brands with prior experience in the kids’ wear industry since the customer exercises greater control during the manufacturing process.

The Different Stages of CMT Manufacturing

CMT manufacturing is divided into three stages.




The first stage involves cutting the fabric according to your instructions. 50 States Apparel uses specialised machinery to cut materials to your specifications. Since these machineries rely on specific dimensions, your blueprint must be precise. By using cutting-edge machines, we minimise wastage while optimising fabric utilisation.



Once you approve the cut, we proceed to the next stage of the production process. Making involves stitching the pieces of fabric together with high-end machines for a precise design. Your specifications affect the production process during this stage too. Hence, try to mention specific dimensions in the tech pack.



The last stage in CMT manufacturing is the final touch-up. Our experienced workers remove excess fabric and add finishing touches to spruce up the garments before packaging and delivery. Our proficient Quality Analysts go through each garment in detail, weeding out manufacturing defects to ensure the highest quality products that our clients expect.

Why Your Business Needs CMT Manufacturing

There are several benefits of CMT manufacturing. Let’s look at the top four reasons why your business needs CMT.



Most CMT manufacturers accept small value low MOQ, offering higher flexibility for small and medium-sized companies. 50 States Apparel accepts a minimum of 10 pieces per design, helping startups prevent overstocking while preserving resources for future use.

Specialised Services

Since CMT manufacturers accept smaller order volumes, they often provide specialised services. For instance, 50 States Apparel’s team of talented fashion designers and experienced craftsmen are proficient in bringing even the most complex designs to life.


Quality Assurance

One of the primary benefits of CMT manufacturing is quality assurance. Since you are in charge of several factors, from selecting raw materials to finalising the designs, you can drop in frequently to check progress and test the quality of your products.

Timely Delivery

As you play an active role in material selection and procurement, you have a clear oversight of the supply network. 50 States Apparel shares regular updates on the procurement status so that you can track the supply chain in real-time.


Are You Ready to Place an Order with Us?

Ready to place your order with 50 States Apparel?

Here’s a simple checklist to verify if your order is ready for production.

  • You are ready with designs, patterns, and tech packs.
  • You are ready to enter production in 30 to 90 days.
  • You are ready to order at least 10 pieces per design.
  • You are ready to place an order seasonally or on an ongoing basis.

CMT vs Fully Factored Manufacturing in Apparel Industry

While CMT manufacturing is popular, it isn’t the only apparel manufacturing process. Fully Factored Manufacturing (FF) is a process where the manufacturer oversees the entire production process from sourcing to delivery.

FF manufacturing includes the following services:

  • Designing
  • Pattern Making and Grading
  • Sampling
  • Production
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

FF manufacturing is ideal for medium to large fashion houses with an in-house design team in charge of designing the clothes and tech packs. The team passes the instructions to the manufacturer, who is responsible for the remaining part of the production process.

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Advantages of CMT Manufacturing

These are the primary advantages of CMT manufacturing.

Creative Freedom

CMT manufacturers offer greater freedom since you share the responsibility for designing the garments and sourcing raw materials.


CMT manufacturers accommodate custom requests, no matter how weird or trivial, unlike large production units offering enterprise clothing solutions.

Quality Control

CMT manufacturers guarantee the finest quality products since they manufacture small quantities at a time. This is a lifesaver when you are working with limited resources.

Disadvantages of CMT Manufacturing

While CMT manufacturing has several flaws, 50 States Apparel neutralises the downsides. Let’s first explain the primary disadvantages of CMT manufacturing and then show you how we overcome these challenges. 

Small Manufacturing Unit

CMT manufacturers generally operate small factories employing less than a few dozen staff. Not us! 50 States Apparel has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities employing several hundred professionals who are trained to handle all your custom requirements no matter how complex.


Unstable Client Base

Most CMT manufacturers don’t have a stable clientele, which is bad for business. 50 States Apparel has been working with 100+ reputed kids’ garment startups and fashion retailers for over a decade. Our patrons trust us with all their childrenswear manufacturing assignments.


Advantages of FF Manufacturing

There are three primary advantages of FF manufacturing.


The manufacturer is responsible for the entire process from sourcing fabrics to bulk production, giving clients room to focus on growing their business.


The clients don’t have to worry about manufacturing defects as the manufacturer takes care of every mistake in-house without involving the customer.

Value for Money

FF manufacturing is cheaper since the manufacturer uses established channels to source materials instead of working with new vendors for every order.

Disadvantages of FF Manufacturing

These are the primary disadvantages of FF manufacturing.

High MOQ

FF manufacturing requires higher MOQ to be cost-effective for the manufacturer. Hence, this isn’t the best option for SMEs and startups.

Low Flexibility

FF manufacturers have a set of rules that they aren’t willing to bend for the customer. Hence, accommodating custom requests are often out of bound. 

Greater Wastage

Since the entire production process is under the manufacturer’s purview, FF manufacturing generates a greater volume of waste than CMT.

Less Transparency

Since FF manufacturers control the entire supply chain, customers don’t have unrestricted access to financial and transit data.

Which Production Method is the Best for Your Business?


Both CMT and FF manufacturing have their benefits. You must weigh the pros and cons of each to determine which is a better fit for your business. Among the several factors you must consider, quality, consistency, and cost are critical.

If you are new to the garment business and need help sourcing high-quality kids’ clothes, get in touch with 50 States Apparel and let our experienced Production Managers guide you towards the best production process for your business. Contact us today.

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