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Looking for “a clothing manufacturer near me”? 50 States Apparel’s one-stop fashion development solution provides everything you’ll ever need.

50 States Apparel makes high-quality childrenswear affordable and accessible. We help budding kids’ wear brands, fashion houses, and white label resellers source premium kids’ garments ethically and efficiently.

50 States Apparel works with some of the top fashion brands and startups globally, helping them reduce overhead expenses, improve margins, and accelerate turnaround times. We are full-service apparel manufacturers offering private label production solutions from start to finish.

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Trusted Clothing Manufacturer Near You

Your search for “a trusted clothing manufacturer near me” ends at 50 States Apparel.


Concept and Development

Our experienced team of fashion designers, craftsmen, and technicians is based in India. We source fabrics and materials from the top global vendors and offer all types of digital/screen printing and embellishments.



All-in-One Production Solution

From designing to sampling, manufacturing, and delivery, the entire production process is handled by our in-house professionals. Our fashion designers create tech packs based on your instructions and share the information with the production team.


Create Custom Patterns

We design custom patterns in-house. Share your ideas with our fashion designers or choose from thousands of existing patterns. Additional design changes might affect the production timeline. Talk to our experts for more information.


Sample Approval

We start manufacturing samples as soon as you approve the design. Final production begins once you verify the fabric and design and give the final go-ahead. We accommodate same-day corrections for minor changes. Critical modifications may take a bit longer.


Quality Control and Assurance

Our dedicated manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring the highest quality standards every time. Nothing escapes the keen eyes of our Quality Control team as they check every apparel for manufacturing defects. 


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facilities follow eco-friendly practices to maximise resource utilisation. While minimising CO2 emissions, water consumption, and carbon footprint. We follow strict labour laws and pay fair wages to ensure our artisans have a decent quality of life. 

The Best Custom Childrenswear Manufacturer for Startups


50 States Apparel is a leading clothing manufacturer for startups. We offer a range of customisation options, accept small value low MOQ, and work with tight deadlines. If you’re looking for a reliable “clothing manufacturer near me” for your kids’ wear startup, our services suite will help take your business off the ground.

Our experienced fashion designers bring your ideas to life while our dedicated production managers share the latest updates to keep you in the loop. We work with tight deadlines while ensuring the highest quality standards. And prioritise deliveries to ensure you have a superb customer experience every time.

50 States Apparel employs a devoted team of professionals. Our experienced staff handles every minor request and answers all your queries with a smile. We are committed to assisting you in every way possible to deliver a truly comprehensive customer experience. From designing and sourcing to manufacturing and delivery, our dedicated production managers are with you throughout the production journey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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All-in-One Custom Kid’s Apparel Manufacturer Near You

50 States Apparel is one of the best clothing manufacturers for kids’ wear brands. With the experience of working with over 100 clothing startups and childrenswear resellers, we know the unique requirements of emerging companies. We accept a low MOQ of ten pieces per design to help startups analyse what is working without straining resources.

As a premium clothing manufacturer for small business, 50 States Apparel provides unwavering support and assistance throughout the production journey so that you can spend more time building your brand without worrying about the manufacturing process.

We are among the top custom clothing manufacturers for startups and deliver a seamless user experience every time. Get in touch and enjoy the perks of working with the best in the business.

Cut and Sew Manufacturing

50 States Apparel is the hub of premium cut and sew craftsmanship. Share your ideas with our talented fashion designers and watch them bring your designs to life. From sourcing materials to adding the final touches, get your order manufactured under one roof.

Daily Wear Manufacturing

50 States Apparel manufactures all types of comfortable daily wear for kids. Our talented fashion designers help fine-tune your designs for enhanced practicality and comfort while maximising resource utilisation and minimising waste.

Custom Kid’s Wear Manufacturing

Share your ideas with our experienced fashion designers and watch them create your order from scratch. Our talented artisans and technicians follow your instructions according to the tech sheet, meeting your specifications every time.

Activewear Manufacturing

50 States Apparel manufactures kids’ garments keeping their active lifestyle in mind. Our products are made from 100% organic materials that provide superior comfort and flexibility even on extended use.

Why You Should Work with 50 States Apparel

Working with the best custom clothing manufacturers has its perks. 50 States Apparel has been manufacturing kids’ garments for over a decade, and we offer a complete range of services from designing and sourcing materials to delivering products to your doorstep.

Partner with one of the top garments company in India today!

Sourcing Materials

Sourcing high-quality raw material is the most vital part of the manufacturing process as the product is only as good as what it is made of. 50 States Apparel prioritises the sourcing process, and we work with some of the top global vendors. From sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics to natural dyes and more, our trusted suppliers deliver the best raw materials from all over the planet.

Creating Patterns

50 States Apparel employs a team of expert craftsmen who create mesmerising patterns based on your designs. No matter how complex your ideas, we have the necessary expertise to turn your ideas into reality. Our expert designers are fluent in creating manual and digital patterns. Get in touch with the best clothing manufacturers for small orders today for samples.

Trims and Embellishments

From sourcing the finest threads, lining, beads, zippers, buttons, motifs, patches, etc., to creating custom embellishments, 50 States Apparel walks the extra mile to deliver on your expectations. Have a creative idea in mind? Our experienced fashion designers can create custom designs based on your instructions. Get in touch today and develop your products from scratch.

Pattern Grading

After receiving the basic dimensions of your design for a specific size, our fashion designers recalculate the measurements for the remainder of the size chart. 50 States Apparel offers free pattern grading on every order. Final production begins once you approve the size chart. For more information, get in touch with 50 States Apparel, the biggest clothing brand suppliers today.


50 States Apparel understand the importance of creating samples before the final production. Our in-house fashion designers seek your explicit approval before bulk manufacturing begins. Test the prototype for quality issues and recommend alterations for the team to look into at once. We also offer same-day corrections for minor changes. Need help manufacturing kids’ clothes? Consult 50 States Apparel, the best manufacturers for clothing today.

Fabric Dyeing

50 States Apparel sources the best-quality organic dyes from all over the globe. Specify the colour code, and we’ll find multiple vendors selling similar products at different prices for you to compare. Don’t know what colours to use? Our in-house experts can help find the best shades complimenting your designs. Get clothing made at 50 States Apparel for utter peace of mind.

Fabric Printing

From screen, block, and digital printing to dye sublimation, stamp, transfer, reactive, and pigment printing, 50 States Apparel specialises in all types of fabric printing techniques. Share your ideas with our experienced fashion designers and watch them create a tech pack with your specific requirements for the production team to follow. Talk to 50 States Apparel, the best clothing manufacturer for startups today.

Superior Fit and Finish

Every piece of garment manufactured at 50 States Apparel undergoes an extensive finishing process to ensure the best fit. Our finishing team is responsible for thread cutting, pressing, and checking for manufacturing defects. We take great care to maintain the highest quality standards you would expect from the best clothing manufacturer for small business. Schedule an appointment with our experts today.

Quality Control

50 States Apparel conducts rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the best products every time. From sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and packaging, nothing escapes the keen eyes of our dedicated Quality Analysts. We run multiple tests along every stage of the production process to weed out defects at the earliest. Our unwavering commitment to quality makes us the best domestic clothing manufacturers in India.

Doorstep Delivery

50 States Apparel guarantees complete peace of mind as we pack and deliver your order right at your doorstep. Our reliable network partners coordinate with you throughout the shipping process, keeping you in the communications loop. Our production package includes standard packaging charges. For custom packaging, please send your instructions while placing the order.

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