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50 States Apparel is an all-in-one kids’ apparel manufacturer in India, and we produce all types of high-quality garments for kids. We are a full-service clothing manufacturer with 10+ years of experience in the fashion industry. And our speciality includes manufacturing comfortable and affordable clothes, complimenting kids’ active lifestyle.

Whether you want to expand your clothing brand or get your childrenswear business off the ground, we provide the tools, knowledge, and expertise of the trade. We are a custom clothing manufacturer producing low-cost garments at our cutting-edge clothes factory in India. If you want the best quality garments at affordable prices, get in touch today.

Why 50 States Apparel is the Perfect Business Partner?

50 States Apparel is a quality-conscious, process-oriented, customer-centric company dedicated to delivering the best customer experience every time. And we are constantly evolving to bring you the latest fashion trends while delivering on our core promises. As a premium children’s clothing manufacturer vendor, we are committed to setting the highest industry standards and offering everything you need to turn your ideas into reality.

Best Quality Guaranteed

50 States Apparel randomly conducts extensive quality checks to ensure the highest quality garments. We follow your instructions to the T to manufacture products according to your specifications.

Complete Confidentiality

We value your privacy. Under no circumstances do we share your credentials or design patents with third-party vendors or unauthorised individuals. Your creations are uniquely yours.

Sweatshop-free Manufacturing

As one of the top garment manufacturers in India, 50 States Apparel leads by example. We are among a handful of manufacturers that follow the guidelines of the Fashion Transparency Index. Ethical fashion isn’t just our motto. It’s our way of life.

Attention to Detail

50 States Apparel pays close attention to every minute detail, ensuring a seamless user experience. Nothing evades the keen eyes of our dedicated fashion designers, quality control experts, or technicians.

Get 100% Custom Kids’ Garments Manufactured in India

50 States Apparel is a custom clothes manufacturing company in India. We accept bulk orders and small value low minimum order quantities (MOQ). You can choose from hundreds of custom designs, fabrics, patterns, colours, cuts, etc., or share your ideas with our fashion designers and watch them bring your designs to life.

Our expert designers and artisans guide you through every production stage and share their opinion and feedback to help improve the design. Having said that, you have total control over the final product as mass manufacturing only commences after you approve the tech pack. 50 States Apparel manufactures every order to your specifications. Be a part of the production journey and watch us bring your creations to life.

50 States Apparel pays close attention to your every suggestion and feedback. From sourcing the best quality fabrics to helping you finalise the design, creating samples, mass-producing your order, quality control, and delivering the goods to your doorstep, our dedicated Production Managers guide you through our production funnel.

Be a part of the 50 States Apparel family and experience the perks of partnering with the best garment manufacturers in India. Sign up today!

The Benefits of Partnering with 50 States Apparel

Here is a quick view of the primary perks of choosing 50 States Apparel as your kids’ clothing manufacturer vendor.

Small Value Low MOQ

50 States Apparel accepts small batch orders as low as ten pieces per design. The minimum quantity changes in the case of custom fabrics, prints, designs, or embellishments. Contact us for more information.

Flexible Production Capacity

50 States Apparel has the necessary infrastructure to increase our production capacity if needed. If your order volume exceeds our maximum capacity, our backup production line will be up and running within a week.

Minimum Lead Times

50 States Apparel takes two to four weeks to produce samples, while mass production takes up to eight weeks, depending on your order size. The final delivery schedule depends on the total quantity and design specifications.

All-in-One Production Solution

50 States Apparel is a full-service production unit capable of manufacturing all types of children’s garments. Bring us your designs, and our production team will accomplish the task within a reasonable deadline.

Our Specialities

50 States Apparel specialises in all types of kids’ garments. From daily wear to casual wear, formal wear, summer wear, winter wear, and more, we produce the best quality garments for kids at affordable prices.

Superior Quality Control

50 States Apparel delivers the finest products. Our proficient Quality Control team scans every garment for production defects, and nothing ever escapes their keen eyes. We manufacture export quality garments for domestic and foreign markets.

The Types of Kids’ Wear We Manufacture for You

50 States Apparel has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for producing all types of kids’ garments. From baby clothing to fashion wear for adolescents, we specialise in all kinds of kids’ apparel manufacturing in India, including daily wear and trendy outfits.

The list includes pants, shirts, t-shirts, vests, dresses, skirts, frocks, etc. We produce smocked garments, denimwear, winter garments, graphic tees, embroidered clothes, sleepwear, and a whole lot more. We are one of the few clothing suppliers in India to manufacture all types of kids’ garments to your specifications.

How to Order with 50 States Apparel?

Ordering with us is easy. Follow our simple six-step process to get your products underway.

Consult With an Expert

The process starts with sharing your ideas with our experienced fashion designer. Take your time to explain the minor details and share precisely what is on your mind. Once you are satisfied, our designers work their magic.

Verify the Samples

Once our designers create a tech pack, the sampling process begins. Verify the fabric, design, patterns, stitching, and overall quality before giving the final nod. If you want to change anything, this is the time to do it.

The Final Approval

50 States Apparel produces a fresh round of samples based on your requested changes. Once you clear that for production, it is time to move on to sizes. If you’re still dissatisfied, the cycle continues for the third time.

Mass Production

Upon receiving your approval, our trained workers begin the mass manufacturing process at once. The lead and delivery times depend on the size and complexity of the order. The production process generally takes between 5 and 8 weeks.

Quality Control

Our trained quality analysts run random checks during production to ensure the products match the tech sheet and are free from defects. The experts take their time to ensure every garment is exactly as specified.

Doorstep Delivery

Your order is sealed in waterproof packaging and dispatched at the end of the production process. Our proficient network partners ensure a seamless doorstep delivery within 14 days, depending on your location.

Why Choose 50 States Apparel for Manufacturing Kids’ Clothing

As one of the leading custom clothing manufacturers in India, 50 States Apparel’s services suite includes the complete package, from concept and design to doorstep delivery.

One-Step Solution

50 States Apparel offers a wide range of printing, embroidery, and embossing options like digital printing, sublimation, screen printing, etc. This eliminates the need to search for multiple garment manufacturers simultaneously.

Complete Transparency

As one of the best garment suppliers in India, 50 States Apparel delivers products right to your doorstep. Our reputable shipping and freight partners are responsible for delivering your order on time every time.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Boasting modern production facilities and a trained workforce, 50 States Apparel is among the top clothing manufacturers in India. Our experienced artisans manufacture every order to your specifications the first time.

Experienced Workforce

Boasting several decades of experience, 50 States Apparel is one of the top fashion apparel manufacturers in India. Our veteran workforce has the technical know-how to help improve your designs while minimising waste.

Excellent Fit & Finish

Having worked with the top branded clothes manufacturers in India, 50 States Apparel offers several chemical and mechanical finishes. From stain repellent, UV protective, water-resistant, fire retardant, and antimicrobial finishing to acid or stone washing, we do it all.


How to find clothing manufacturers in India?

If you’re looking for the best clothing manufacturers in India, there are two ways ahead. You can either search the old-fashioned way and visit wholesalers and vendors or focus on digital platforms like search engines and social media.

50 States Apparel is omnipresent. Whether you like gathering intelligence from local markets or searching the web for answers, you’ll find us sitting at the top of the list of clothing manufacturers in India.

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Where to find clothing manufacturers in India?

50 States Apparel is the only clothing manufacturer you’ll ever need for your kids’ apparel business. Our full-service production facility can handle all your customisation requirements. Schedule a free consultation with our dedicated fashion designers and watch your ideas come to life. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

What type of kids’ garments do you manufacture?

50 States Apparel manufactures all types of kids’ garments, from woven and knitted clothes to graphic tees, embroidered dresses, etc. We specialise in fabric printing, embroideries, smocking, denim washing, and other techniques. Contact us for more information on our services suite.

I don’t have the designs ready. Can you help?

50 States Apparel can help design kids’ garments from scratch. Sit down with our designers over tea as you share your requirements and watch them weave their magic.