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Find custom clothes for babies at attractive prices and get them delivered in record time.

Are you looking for reputed baby clothing manufacturers for your fashionable clothing boutique? 50 States Apparel offers specialised help from A to Z to get your fashion business off the ground.

Whether you own a fashion startup for babies or run an established clothing brand, we provide the necessary tools to grow your business. From design and concept to production and delivery, 50 States Apparel is by your side through every step of the journey.

Baby clothes manufacturing involves countless decisions regarding fabrics, sizes, cuts, and sewing. This is a precise process since you cannot scale down adult measurements hoping for the best fit.

50 States Apparel is a partner who takes care of the intricate details of baby clothing manufacturing so you can rest easy. And while we offer our help and suggestions, you enjoy complete flexibility over the product.

Manufacturing clothes for babies isn’t easy. We are here to assist you from the get-go, all the way to production and delivery. So, give your clothing brand the proper exposure for success.

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Looking to Start a Children’s Clothing Line? We Can Help

50 States Apparel is a reputable children’s clothing manufacturer. And we understand the unique requirements for manufacturing childrenswear for optimum comfort and safety. We produce all types of children’s garments, including:


We manufacture children’s bodysuits from soft cotton fabrics to ensure your kids stay comfortable throughout the day. Our stretchable and breathable garments guarantee the perfect fit for your kids’ active lifestyle.


Our soft interlocking cotton onesies are the ideal summer daywear for children. We use the best quality thin and smooth fabrics that don’t irritate their sensitive skin. Dress your kids in our cotton onesies and watch them spend their days in utmost comfort.

Hoodies and Jackets

We manufacture all types of children’s winter garments like hoodies, jackets, sweaters, etc. Our winter wear collection is made from various fabrics depending on our customers’ requirements. Get in touch for a custom quote today.

Shorts and Skirts

Looking for comfortable daily wear for your kids? Our shorts and skirts for children are designed for maximum flexibility and comfort. Made of superior breathable and stretchable cotton fabrics, our garments provide maximum comfort.


50 States Apparel makes custom jumpsuits for children keeping their active lifestyle in mind. Our products are lightweight, flexible, and made of soft cotton for the cosiest fit, even at the end of a long day.

Other Garments

As a premium manufacturer of children’s garments, 50 States Apparel manufacturers all types of shirts, t-shirts, dresses, trousers, frocks, denimwear, rompers, zip sleepsuits, joggers, vests, rompers, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Contact us for more information.

Our Fabric Line for Manufacturing Children’s Apparel

50 States Apparel uses a wide range of organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly fabrics for manufacturing childrenswear. Children’s skin is sensitive, and our line of natural fabrics provides maximum comfort. All our materials are locally sourced.

These are the highlights of children’s garments by 50 States Apparel.

Locally-Sourced Organic Fabric

50 States Apparel uses certified organic cotton, pure cotton, combined cotton, hemp, pique, single jersey linen, and bamboo to manufacture children’s garments.

We can create custom clothes for kids using the best quality fabrics according to customer requirements.

Natural Fabric Dyes

50 States Apparel manufactures children’s garments with rich natural and eco-friendly dyes.

We use a broad palette of organic colours to create custom hues.

The range includes various shares of black, green, yellow, red, white, blue, grey, orange, etc.

Wide range of Fabric Weights (GSM)

50 States Apparel manufactures children’s garments using a broad spectrum of fabrics ranging between 140 and 280 GSM.

We ensure each garment is durable and flexible so kids can comfortably go about their daily activities.

Create Custom Patterns and Embroideries

Getting your specifications right is an essential part of the production process.

50 States Apparel streamlines production with tech packs, ensuring efficient communication between the designers and production teams.

Our expert designers are trained in embroidery and pattern-making techniques.

Send a tech pack or physical sample you want to replicate and watch the experts weave their magic. Once the design is approved, finalise the samples, and we’ll move on to mass production.

The Best Children’s Clothes Manufacturer You’ll Work With

50 States Apparel is the easiest children’s clothes manufacturer to work with. Our dedicated Production Managers are seasoned designers who bring your ideas alive. From designing custom clothes for children to material selection, production, and delivery, our PMs assist you through every step of the journey.

Our Production Managers help you:

  • Source materials
  • Produce designs and samples
  • Finalise embroidery, prints, and dyes
  • Produce labels, tags, and packaging
  • Manage mass production
  • Check product quality
  • Stay in the loop via texts, voice and video calls
  • Deliver products to your doorstep

Why Should You Partner with 50 States Apparel?

Here are the top reasons for trusting 50 States Apparel with children’s clothing manufacturing.


50 States Apparel accepts small quantity orders as low as ten pieces. The minimum order quantity changes for premium fabrics, custom designs, and unique colours.

Flexible Production Capacity

50 States Apparel can produce children’s garments in bulk. If your order exceeds current production capacity, we have provisions for increasing output within a week.

Low Lead Time

50 States Apparel completes the sampling process in 2-3 weeks, while production can take up to eight weeks. The schedule can be shorter or longer depending on your specifications.

Full-Service Factory

50 States Apparel operates full-service factories designing and manufacturing children’s garments from scratch. Give us your design specifications, and we’ll handle the rest.

Skilled Staff

Our skilled staff are adept at knitting, weaving, fabric dyeing, embroidery, denim washing and smocking techniques. We can manufacture children’s clothes to your exact specifications.

Children’s Garments Specialist

50 States Apparel specialises in manufacturing all types of children’s garments. From summer and winterwear to casual and daily wear, we produce all varieties of kid’s garments.

The Benefits of Manufacturing Custom Children’s Apparel in India

India is a global leader in fabric and garment production, and it only makes sense to work with the best in the business. 50 States Apparel is a premium baby clothes manufacturer in India, and we understand the customer’s evolving needs.

Kids’ clothing manufacturers in India don’t just provide superior quality products but acknowledge the consumers’ various needs. Custom children’s apparel as a niche is booming globally, and we’re familiar with the latest design and fashion trends.

50 States Apparel manufactures children’s garments to your specifications and delivers the products on schedule. Our Production Managers keep you updated on the recent developments and changes in the production schedule for convenience.

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How to Start a Children’s Clothing Line?

50 States Apparel follows a 6-step process to design and manufacture custom children’s clothing.

01. Concept Development

The first stage in the production process is developing the concept. Schedule an appointment with our design team and explain your ideas in detail. Our expert designers create mock-ups for approval. With that out of the way, we can move on to the next stage.

02. Create Tech Packs

Tech packs contain specifications for every garment down to the measurements, fabrics, colours, designs, custom instructions, and sketches of the final product. It’s how designers communicate with the production team.

03. Get a Cut Sheet

Cut sheets specify the dimensions of every garment across the size chart. Since garment size is age-sensitive, cut sheets are a crucial part of manufacturing. Our designers specify the exact dimensions ensuring the perfect fit.

04. Create Samples

Sampling is essential before final production to ensure the garments meet your specifications. You can request a fabric swatch library to change the materials and design. Mass production begins once you give the go-ahead.

05. Mass Production

Once you’re satisfied with the samples and give the final approval, mass production begins at our factories. Rest assured that the final garments will be to your exact specifications mentioned in the tech pack and cut sheet.

06. Quality Control

Our proficient quality control team examines every piece of garment for possible manufacturing defects before delivery. We ensure that the highest quality products are delivered to your doorstep, so you don’t lose sleep.

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